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Megascopic and microscopic characterization and nomenclature of the rocks and minerals, based on their petrographic properties is being carried out at the petrology laboratory, which is established at the head office, Raipur. Petrological studies is being carried out successfully at the laboratories that have led to identify different types of rocks, mineral and ores to judge the potentiality of the mineral deposit and as an indirect tool to felicitate and encourage mining activities in the State. Success of the international collaborative projects and departmental projects are to the credit of this laboratory.


1.1 United Nations Development Programme (for Mineral Exploration in M.P.) during year 1979-1983


Method of analysis

Tin Ore

Heavy and magnetic mineral separation


Heavy and magnetic mineral separation


Thin section study under microscope

Base metals

Ore microscopy

1.2 INDO-FRG Project “Diamond Exploration” during year 1995-2000

  • Petrochemistry, petrography, mineralogy, heavy and magnetic mineral separation and identification

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