Other Minerals

Apart from these bulk minerals, there are number of other minerals available in the state. Some important one's are described here -


Incidences of diamond in the rivers of the State and discovery of diamondiferous kimberlite in Mainpur area of Raipur district have attracted global attention. So far six kimberlites in Mainpur area and two kimberlite in Tokapal area have been discovered. Eight blocks have been demarcated based on structural controls to host kimberlites in Chhattisgarh. Potentially 3 diamondiferous kimberlites pipes have been identified in Behradih and Payalikhand villages of Raipur district. The State has emerged as a hotspot for potential diamond mining with all major mining companies engaged in reconnaissance operations.

Other Gem Stones:

A rare gem mineral like Alexandrite is found in the State. Other gemstones like Garnet, Beryl, Rosy quartz, amethyst etc are also reported. Based on the minerals strength of the State, Gems and Jewellery Park is planned near Raipur.

Dimension Stones:

Multicolored and texturally different granites are widely distributed in the State. Limestone, dolomite of attractive colour and design are extensively available in the State. Quartzite, sandstone and shales are also widely exposed which can be suitable as dimension stone. Export oriented cutting & polishing units are working in the State and prospects for many more exist.


Potentially gold bearing rocks are available in Raipur and Mahasamund districts. Placer gold panning is widely recorded from Jashpur, Kanker, Mahasamund and Bastar districts. ~3 tonnes of gold reserves are estimated in the State. Global mining companies like ACC Rio Tinto and Geomysore Services Pvt. Ltd., etc. are engaged in reconnaissance & prospecting operations for gold deposits in the State.

Base Metals:

Potential base metals like copper, lead indications are known from Rajnandgaon, Mahasamund and Dantewara districts. These metals can be used in electric wires, batteries, manufacture of pigments, alloys etc.

Other minerals like clays, quartzite, fluorite, andalucite, kyanite, sillimanite, talc, soapstone, steatite, marble, silica sand, etc. are also reported from various part of the States.