Drilling Division

Most important feature of the mineral exploration is to include the knowledge of significant subsurface feature like, stratigraphic sequence, structure of the host rocks controlling the mineral/ore body, 3 dimensional shape, size, extent (depth persistence and variation), grade and reserves of the mineral/ore body. This is achieved through vertical and angular core drilling in the mineral/ore deposit. Drilling is executed by the Regional Offices and the operations are monitored and coordinated by the Head Quarter of the Directorate of Geology and Mining, Chhattisgarh. The Directorate possesses experience of vertical, angular core drilling, Banka drilling (in placer deposits) with measurements of deviation.

The Directorate has also experienced in drilling almost in all formations. So far, drilling operations have been conducted for estimation of reserves of Coal, Limestone, Dolomite, Bauxite, Kimberlite, Corundum, Gold, Tin, Quartzite, Iron ore etc under the international (United Nations Development Programme and INDO-FRG project), national (Coal India Limited) collaborative and domestic projects. The drilling activity have recovered the core up to the maximum 246 m depth for Gold, 282.80 m depth for coal, 206. 40 m depth for diamond (kimberlite), 61.55 m depth for Corundum, 96 m depth for Tin ore (cassiterite) involving thousands of meters drilling for exploration on minerals.

Drilling in mineral deposits have resulted in establishment of a number of cement plants in Chhattisgarh. Drilling for coal exploration is being carried out for Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Ltd. (CMPDI) that has earned revenue for the department through guiding and tracing the extensions of coal beds in the existing mines as well as in opening new coal mines and fields. Drilling in limestone, coal and granites for percolation tests etc. is being carried out for government, semi-government and private parties.

The drilling division is equipped with trained and expert staff and following core drill machines:

Make Type of machine Capacity

Make of Machine Type of Machine Capacity (In Depth)
VOLTAS - 180 Heavy drill 400 m
VOLTAS - 90 Heavy drill 200 m
VOLTAS - 35 Medium drill 100 m
L&T Heavy drill 400 m
Rock Drill-60 (WL) Heavy drill 400 m
Longear (WL) Heavy drill 400 m
Mincore (WL)Truck mounted Heavy drill 400 m
Mincore LVC Medium drill 100 m
Mincore skid mounted Medium drill 100 m
CALYX Light drill 60 m

Drilling operations can be carried on request for the government, semi-government, mining companies and private entrepreneurs on the scheduled rates approved by the Chhattisgarh Government and quoted in facilities and charges.